Isabelle Coimbra


Isabelle Coimbra

Laura Wayland in a red latex catsuit.

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Looking simply devine in her underwear.

The Beautiful French/North African model. Ines completed her SRS aged just 16 (according to some sources) I believe she took the final step some time later.


Transsexual Galilea Ferreira Ferreira is sexy little mexican model and this travesti like tight dresses, lingerie, sexy outfits … and always wearing high heels !!

Fb : https://www.facebook.com/galilea.ferreira2

Love this post … … “Always wearing high heels” What respectable girl would ever go out without them?

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A further selection of photographs celebrating Post Operative Transsexuals: From top: Kang /  Far / Jui / Gisele / Barbie / Lilly / Anam / Nid /  Pim & Odette.

Some of the results are stunning, others are almost shocking but one cannot but admire these beautiful women.

Selection of Post Operative Transsexual women: A study of the various results of surgery a girl can expect to achieve. From top: Jessica aka Joyce / Jimena / Lilly / Lucy / Nancy / Marisa / May / Barbie / May / Bump & Amanda.

Amanda is interesting, transition comes in many forms. Don’t know her story.

Selection of Post Operative Women: From Top: Jenny / Jade / Honey / April / Jeab / Monica / Lom / Tutka / Wan & Jane